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Episode 10: Unpacking the ICS with Dr Kathy McLean

Episode 10: Unpacking the ICS with Dr Kathy McLean

October 31, 2022

In this two part episode we sit down with Dr Kathy McLean Chair of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) to discuss the Integrated Care System (ICS) and what practices can expect in the coming months. Our follow up episode will delve into the Primary Care Strategy and how it fits into the wider system. 

But for now, here's part one: 

  • Introduction – ends at 2m 41s
  • Explanation of Integrated Care System, Board, Place Based Partnerships and PCNs – ends at 5m 50s
  • Purpose of the Integrated Care System – ends at 7m 3s
  • The difference between the ICB and CCG – ends at 10m 54s
  • Fuller Stocktake Report aligns with ICS Philosophy – ends at 13m 8s
  • ICS as a national voice for General Practice – ends at 15m 11s
  • Redesign to focus on outcomes and changes for population – ends at 18m 30s
  • PCN support as part of integrated vision – ends at 20m 6s
  • ICS expectations for GP Access – ends at 29m 16s 
  • ICB Communications to help make the GP role easier - ends at 36m 36s
  • Kathy’s vision for the ICS in 5 years – ends at 42m 14s
  • Outro – ends at 43m 59s
Episode 9: NCGPA Live with Notts LMC

Episode 9: NCGPA Live with Notts LMC

September 14, 2022
  1. Welcome back and introduction – ends at 8 mins 30s
  2. Engaging with patients through Patient Participation Groups – ends at 11 mins 16s
  3. LMC engagement as part of COVID response and the wider Comms strategy – ends at 19 mins 50s
  4. Breaking down the role of an LMC and its position in the healthcare landscape -  ends at 29 mins 42s
  5. Nottinghamshire LMC Support and Services – ends at 43 mins 55s
  6. Highlighting the work of the Phoenix Programme – ends at 49 mins 27s
  7. Zenaida discusses her career trajectory into communications within healthcare – ends at 53 mins 47s
  8. How to access Nottinghamshire LMC services and outro –ends at 58 mins 2s

Useful Contact details and Resources:

Mid-Career PCN Fellowship:


Episode 8: Rebuild General Practice with Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

Episode 8: Rebuild General Practice with Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

July 20, 2022

In episode 8 of the Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast, we speak with Cambridgeshire LMC Chief Executive and LMC UK Conference Chair Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer about the national ‘Rebuilding General Practice’ campaign commissioned by the BMA General Practitioners Committee and GP Défense Fund.

We discuss the purpose of the campaign, outcomes so far and the pivotal role Local Medical Committees (LMCs) and GP practice staff must play in highlighting systemic issues affecting general practice today if the profession is to achieve real legislative change.


  1. Introduction to campaign and Katie Bramall-Stainer – ends at 3m 20s
  2. Rebuild General Practice and the issues plaguing the profession – ends at 7m 24s
  3. Outcomes from the 'Rebuild General Practice' campaign and its effect in restoring patient safety – ends at 13m 54s
  4. The importance of LMC engagement in carrying the cause forward and Levelling-up – ends at 20m 59s
  5. How this national campaign can impact change – ends at 26m 28s
  6. What GP practices can do to achieve quick wins whilst pushing for change – ends at 31m 16s
  7. How to reach Katie and support the ‘Rebuild General Practice’ campaign – ends at 32m 19s
  8. Final Call to action and outro – ends at 34m 35s


Find out about the rebuild General Practice campaign by visiting their website.

You can also follow them on Twitter and email them at to find out how you can support this campaign as an LMC, GP Practice, GP or member of staff.


Your support is integral to rebuilding general practice and securing the safety of patients across the UK.

Episode 7: Profiling Dr Helen Garr

Episode 7: Profiling Dr Helen Garr

June 22, 2022

We're excited for you to listen into this conversation with our very own wellbeing lead, Dr Helen Garr.  We discuss many things from life priorities and medical school to the importance of feedback and healing after a global pandemic. You'll also get some useful wellbeing recommendations that can help you to take care of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Come listen in and don't forget to share! 

  1. Intro and verification – ends at 10:53
  • Book recommendations - Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcom Gladwell. 

      2. Top five priorities in life – 11:15 - 14:30

      3. Before medical school – 14:26 - 23:38

      4. Challenging the status que (Psychological safety) – 23:52 – 29:44

      5. Learn to fail – 29:46 – 35:30

      6. The pivot and the importance of positive feedback – 35:44 – 41:35

      7. Appointment at NHS Practitioner Health

      8. Motivation on the path to career in wellbeing and GP Suicides – 45:40 – 53:28

      9. Healing from the global pandemic - 54:00 - 57:08

      10. What Helen wants to be remembered for and how to get in touch – 57:11


Useful resources and how to reach Dr Helen Garr:

Twitter handle -  @DrHelenGarr 

Nottinghamshire LMC - Clinical Leadership 

Nottinghamshire LMC - Wellbeing Resources 

Wellbeing Workshops - @WellbeingGP 

Free Mental health and addiction service - NHS Practitioner Health 


Episode 6: Profiling Dr Hannah Igoe

Episode 6: Profiling Dr Hannah Igoe

May 18, 2022

This week we sit down with GP Trainee Rep for Nottinghamshire LMC Dr Hannah Igoe. She reveals why she choose General Practice, what GP trainees should consider before their final year and her plans to help trainees navigate some of the challenges that arise for new GPs.

  1. Intro - ends at 2.43
  2. Career ambitions - ends at 5.19 
  3. Choosing General Practice - ends at 7.39
  4. What to consider as a Trainee GP before final year - ends at 10.34 
  5. Taking up extra training: Integrated Training Posts - ends at 13.30 
  6. Plan as GP training rep for Notts LMC - ends at 17.26 
  7. Experience as a GP trainees rep at HEE - ends at 19.12 
  8. What GP trainees are most concerned about - ends at 20.59
  9. VTS Talks - ends at 22.15 


Episode 5: Introducing GP-S

Episode 5: Introducing GP-S

April 20, 2022

In this episode we speak to GP-S Service Manager Nikki Kendall, and GP-S Mentor Dr Sarah-Louise Hamlyn to find out more about GP-S as a valuable service to GP practitioners in Nottinghamshire and beyond. We talk about its inception, its reception since it launched, how to access the service and more. 


  1. Intro - ends at 4m 27s
  2. Inception of GP-S and success of service - ends at 12m 2s 
  3. GP-S pandemic offer 'Rapid Access' - ends at 16m 22s 
  4. Differences between GP-S and Pastoral Network and how to access GP-S - ends at 21m 42s 
  5. BMJ Award Finalists - ends at 24m 1s
  6. Dr Hamlyn on becoming a mentor and areas of support available to GP practitioners - ends at 29m 12s 
  7. How to find out and apply for the GP-S service - ends at 32m 40s 
  8. Future of GP-S - ends at 36m 6s 
  9. Book and Movie recommendations from Nikki Kendall and Dr Sarah-Louise Hamlyn - ends at 39m 49s 
  10. Outro - ends at 41m 22s 



Episode 4: Profiling Dr Tony Avery OBE

Episode 4: Profiling Dr Tony Avery OBE

March 16, 2022

This episode profiles Dr Tony Avery OBE, Professor of Primary Care at the University of Nottingham and GP at the Valley surgery in Chilwell. We delved into his career and accomplishments particularly his renowned PINCER Intervention; his OBE honour, what needs to be done to bridge caps between Primary and Secondary care, family life and finding balance. 

  • Intro and verification - ends 5m 43s 
  • Career Choices - ends 9m 50s 
  • PINCER Intervention and Contribution to RCGP Curriculum - ends 18m 16s 
  • OBE Honour - ends 20m 50s 
  • Upbringing and Family life - ends 26m 40s
  • Finding Balance  - ends 28m 32s 
  • Bridging the gap between primary and secondary care - ends 32m 45s 
  • GP Workforce as Translators - ends 39m 36s
  • Contacting Dr Avery - ends 40m 13s 
  • Closing - ends 41m 23s
  • Outro - ends 41m 49s 




Episode 3: Introducing the Phoenix Programme

Episode 3: Introducing the Phoenix Programme

February 16, 2022

This month we check-in with the Nottinghamshire General Practice Phoenix Programme, talking to the Programme Director, Helen Shuker and the Programmes Clinical Lead, Dr Gemma Wilkinson. We discuss how the Phoenix Programme came about, what schemes are available for GPs and what to expect in the future.

Order of discussion: 

  1. Introduction – ends at 2min 38 secs
  2. Inception of Phoenix Programme – ends at 4mins 9secs
  3. Dr Gemma Wilkinson Joins Phoenix Programme – ends at 6mins 5secs
  4. GP Workforce Schemes – ends at 9mins 55secs
  5. Roving PM Scheme – Ends at 12mins 45secs
  6. How the team balance several roles at once - ends at 15mins 13secs
  7. The future of the Phoenix Programme – ends at 17mins 24secs
  8. How to access and get in touch with the Phoenix Programme – ends at 19mins 12secs
  9. Outro – last 25secs
Episode 2: Profiling Nottinghamshire LMC Chair, Dr Carter Singh MBE

Episode 2: Profiling Nottinghamshire LMC Chair, Dr Carter Singh MBE

January 26, 2022

In this episode, we sit down with Nottinghamshire LMC Chair Dr Carter Singh MBE to discuss his intentions as Chair, his recent MBE honour, and his humble upbringing that ultimately led to his personal and professional triumphs. 

Order of discussion: 

  1. Introduction and Icebreaker questions – ends at 2min 51 secs
  2. Discussing MBE Award – ends at 6mins 45s
  3. Humble Beginnings – ends at 12mins 47secs
  4. RCGP National Council Member – ends at 14mins 24secs
  5. Prioritising Wellbeing in General Practice and CIMA Care – Ends at 20mins 22secs
  6. Purpose of Nottinghamshire EDI Forum and current works - ends at 27mins 19secs
  7. Stepping into new role as Notts LMC Chair and intentions for the next three years – ends at 32mins 22secs
  8. Greatest inspiration, how to reach him and access to subsequent Nottinghamshire LMC podcast episodes – ends at 38mins 6secs
  9. Outro – last 30secs
Episode 1: Introducing the Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast

Episode 1: Introducing the Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast

January 18, 2022

In this episode, we introduce you to the Nottinghamshire LMC podcast, the host and producer Zenaida Morrison, and what to expect in subsequent episodes.


Intro Jingle (First 32s)

Purpose of Podcast (First 2m)

Introducing host and LMC Buying Group (ends at 3m 43s)

What to expect (ends at 4m 53s)

Closing (ends at 5m 43s)

Outro Jingle (Last 30s)


Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today. I'm your host Zenaida Morrison and this is the Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast. This is the first episode of our podcast, and I am sure you are wondering what this is all about - Let’s get into it.


The idea to have the Nottinghamshire LMC podcast came about from our CEO Michael Wright; he saw it as an opportunity to share more information, to conduct engaging thought-provoking interviews with some of our committee members, but equally as an opportunity for our constituent practices to get to know more about the operational team. This has been an idea since I started with the LMC in 2018 but what really gave us the push, was a survey we sent out to you last July and what came out of that survey was that there is knowledge about the Nottinghamshire LMC but not much knowledge about those who are representing you.


We wanted to change that, we want to make ourselves more visible to you, and we figured what better way to do it but than through a podcast!


So our very first podcast will be coming out soon, however this is a bit of an introduction: it lets you know who we are, why we are doing this podcast, who I am as your host and also what you can expect in the subsequent episodes to come.


So I think I will start with myself, I'm Zenaida Morrison as I mentioned earlier, I'm the host for this podcast, but also I'm the Communications and Marketing Manager for Nottinghamshire LMC. I joined the team in January 2018 as Communications and Marketing Officer for the LMC Buying Group. The LMC Buying Group negotiates discounts on products and services regularly used in practice, which saves our constituent practices some money but actually, because it’s a national Buying Group, it saves many practices across the UK a lot of money.


Prior to joining the LMC, I worked in Comms for Nottingham University Hospitals, supporting the Comms function at the Leicester Royal Infirmary too. This was my first dive into Comms and this happened after completing my Masters in Communications and PR at the University of Leicester.


More interestingly, how I came to be the host for this podcast probably has a lot to do with my background as a Broadcast Journalist. I worked in Ghana, West Africa for a few years where I was one of four pioneering News Anchors for a multinational station called Viasat 1. I got to cover so many great stories and events that took place at the time. A lot of it was quite nerve wracking but it was also very exciting and very different.


So hosting this podcast allows me to engage with our constituent practices in a way that I've never been able to before and to give you the opportunity to know more at your own leisure.


LMCs have been around since 1911 and pre-date the National Health Service, but it’s always struck me that there seems to be a sort of ambiguity about what an LMC does; so this podcast will bring more clarity in all matters related to the LMC and also to general practice through informative discussions from members of the team and thought-provoking personal stories from your representatives.


We will also have updates on certain services that we provide you, you'll also be hearing from some heavy hitters in the healthcare landscape who have a lot to inform you about when it comes to the future of healthcare but also how Primary Care fits into that. So, there is a lot to expect, but I will say this, for the first episode, you're going to be hearing from one of our committee members, I'm not going to tell you who it is now, but you will know soon enough.


Thanks for joining me, all that I can say is that you come on this journey with me and take time to engage in this podcast. The streaming platform we are using is PodBean, so to receive your podcast, you simply need to download the PodBean or Spotify app on your phone, sign-up which is just your email address and a password then type ‘Nottinghamshire LMC’ to follow the podcast and receive notifications whenever an episode is released.


Thank you once again for listening, be sure to follow us via PodBean or Spotify and, it’s bye for now!.

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