The Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast

Episode 5: Introducing GP-S

April 20, 2022

In this episode we speak to GP-S Service Manager Nikki Kendall, and GP-S Mentor Dr Sarah-Louise Hamlyn to find out more about GP-S as a valuable service to GP practitioners in Nottinghamshire and beyond. We talk about its inception, its reception since it launched, how to access the service and more. 


  1. Intro - ends at 4m 27s
  2. Inception of GP-S and success of service - ends at 12m 2s 
  3. GP-S pandemic offer 'Rapid Access' - ends at 16m 22s 
  4. Differences between GP-S and Pastoral Network and how to access GP-S - ends at 21m 42s 
  5. BMJ Award Finalists - ends at 24m 1s
  6. Dr Hamlyn on becoming a mentor and areas of support available to GP practitioners - ends at 29m 12s 
  7. How to find out and apply for the GP-S service - ends at 32m 40s 
  8. Future of GP-S - ends at 36m 6s 
  9. Book and Movie recommendations from Nikki Kendall and Dr Sarah-Louise Hamlyn - ends at 39m 49s 
  10. Outro - ends at 41m 22s 



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