The Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast

Episode 6: Profiling Dr Hannah Igoe

May 18, 2022

This week we sit down with GP Trainee Rep for Nottinghamshire LMC Dr Hannah Igoe. She reveals why she choose General Practice, what GP trainees should consider before their final year and her plans to help trainees navigate some of the challenges that arise for new GPs.

  1. Intro - ends at 2.43
  2. Career ambitions - ends at 5.19 
  3. Choosing General Practice - ends at 7.39
  4. What to consider as a Trainee GP before final year - ends at 10.34 
  5. Taking up extra training: Integrated Training Posts - ends at 13.30 
  6. Plan as GP training rep for Notts LMC - ends at 17.26 
  7. Experience as a GP trainees rep at HEE - ends at 19.12 
  8. What GP trainees are most concerned about - ends at 20.59
  9. VTS Talks - ends at 22.15 


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