The Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast

Episode 10: Unpacking the ICS with Dr Kathy McLean

October 31, 2022

In this two part episode we sit down with Dr Kathy McLean Chair of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) to discuss the Integrated Care System (ICS) and what practices can expect in the coming months. Our follow up episode will delve into the Primary Care Strategy and how it fits into the wider system. 

But for now, here's part one: 

  • Introduction – ends at 2m 41s
  • Explanation of Integrated Care System, Board, Place Based Partnerships and PCNs – ends at 5m 50s
  • Purpose of the Integrated Care System – ends at 7m 3s
  • The difference between the ICB and CCG – ends at 10m 54s
  • Fuller Stocktake Report aligns with ICS Philosophy – ends at 13m 8s
  • ICS as a national voice for General Practice – ends at 15m 11s
  • Redesign to focus on outcomes and changes for population – ends at 18m 30s
  • PCN support as part of integrated vision – ends at 20m 6s
  • ICS expectations for GP Access – ends at 29m 16s 
  • ICB Communications to help make the GP role easier - ends at 36m 36s
  • Kathy’s vision for the ICS in 5 years – ends at 42m 14s
  • Outro – ends at 43m 59s

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