The Nottinghamshire LMC Podcast

Episode 3: Introducing the Phoenix Programme

February 16, 2022

This month we check-in with the Nottinghamshire General Practice Phoenix Programme, talking to the Programme Director, Helen Shuker and the Programmes Clinical Lead, Dr Gemma Wilkinson. We discuss how the Phoenix Programme came about, what schemes are available for GPs and what to expect in the future.

Order of discussion: 

  1. Introduction – ends at 2min 38 secs
  2. Inception of Phoenix Programme – ends at 4mins 9secs
  3. Dr Gemma Wilkinson Joins Phoenix Programme – ends at 6mins 5secs
  4. GP Workforce Schemes – ends at 9mins 55secs
  5. Roving PM Scheme – Ends at 12mins 45secs
  6. How the team balance several roles at once - ends at 15mins 13secs
  7. The future of the Phoenix Programme – ends at 17mins 24secs
  8. How to access and get in touch with the Phoenix Programme – ends at 19mins 12secs
  9. Outro – last 25secs

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